At Biohotel Organic Suites we are aware of the importance of conserving natural resources in the present for the construction of an equitable and sustainable future, which is why our main objective is to be pioneers in sustainable hospitality, managing to minimize the impact that Biohotel may have on the environment, local culture and society during its construction and operation.

That is why we are the only sustainable hotel in Bogotá, powered by solar energy, water saving systems, vertical agriculture garden, finished with wood from controlled logging, recycled materials, PVC-free upholstery, bamboo floors, curtains made with recycled PET, thermo-acoustic metal windows and curtains that reduce energy consumption, latest energy-saving technologies, recycled fiber carpets, biodegradable amenities and materials, recycled glass veneers and organic cotton linens.

It is a priority for us to implement clean technologies in terms of energy efficiency, efficient use of water resources and comprehensive management of solid waste, which reduce dependence on petroleum derivatives, excess greenhouse gas emissions, pollution of water sources and depletion of natural resources.

We incorporate healthy practices with the consumption of organic foods and beverages and the use of eco-efficient products. We contribute to the development and conservation of the cultural, social and environmental heritage of the region, promoting the participation of guests, collaborators, suppliers and the community for the development of sustainability actions, integrated into the provision of Biohotel Organic Suites services.

We support local suppliers to promote fair trade and economic prosperity. At the same time, offering an adequate work environment for our employees, complying with current regulations and rejecting any children and adolescent sexual exploitation, always in a continuous improvement process.

Biohotel contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals:

World Wildlife Day

March 3, 2024

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